10 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency

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Written by Oliver Johnson

The market of cryptocurrency is expanding every day. Not many people understand cryptocurrency and often lose a lot of money. This article will give you ten ways or rather strategies to successfully make money with crypto.


You have to find a cryptocurrency that has long-term value. For instance, Bitcoin. They are assets that increase with time are a good investment.

Buy and Hold strategy.

It is simple yet risks taking. Buy a cryptocurrency when its prices are low. Hold it for a few months or, in some instances, years till you reach your target amount, and then you can sell it at a higher cost than the purchase price.

Arbitrage method

It is a risk-free strategy. You buy an asset from one market and then quickly sell it for a higher price on another market


There are plenty of exchanges available. The question is which one to pick. Therefore, do thorough research on deals and then proceed.


Trading requires skills. The crypto market is very unpredictable. Here prices can rise or fall rapidly. You need the skills to predict the increase and decrease in price.


Mining is a little complicated. It works on the Proof of work method and requires specialized knowledge. Mining brings you knew crypto coins. Unlike before, you can no longer mine with your PC. Specialized hardware is there for mining.


Airdrops are alluring and have high risks. Suppose you spend or invest the crypto coins. Be aware of scams where fake airdrops are circulated.

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It is a process where you stake or pile your coins. By doing so, you are allowing other networks to use them and validate the transaction. In return, you receive rewards.

Write for social media

There are social media platforms in this crypto market. They pay you for writing blogs or articles about them. If you write helpful content for them, the social media platform will pay you a particular portion of the advertisement money.


It would be best if you had a little bit of skill here as well. Find the cryptocurrency that pays a dividend. The number of dividends depends on the assets you hold.

I hope these methods were helpful. The Crypto market may seem confusing, but you can earn money with skill and the right strategies with cryptocurrency.


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