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Survival Frog Review

Survival Frog Review
Written by Nitin Agarwal


Travelers, hikers, campers, backpackers, and emergency preppers all have one thing common, the need for high-quality survival gear, food, water, the energy that will sustain them for a long period of time. There are many survival companies available that offer a massive range of survival products for camping, traveling, hiking, and more that meet your daily needs. Their main focus is on emergency and survival preparedness products that also have a dedicated section for traveler and campers as well as shelters, bags, food, gear, radios, and more.

In this review guide, we talk about the top brand Survival Frog company that offers all necessary survival products that will not only save your life in hard circumstances but also fulfill your survival needs.

What is Survival Frog

Survival Frog is one of the top-selling and most frequently visited online survival stores on the prepping market. This company was launched in 2009 and has now become the most trusted source of survival essentials. They started from the top 10 publishing, CDs, selling books, and DVDs and then gradually moves toward physical survival and outdoor gear.

The company’s primary mission is to educate those who put the safety of their families first and provide them with high-quality survival equipment at affordable prices.

Survival Frog offers a mixture of both their popular brands as well as own line, unlike other emergency preparedness companies that limit their stock to their own branded products. The Survival Frog company offers a number of different water filtration devices, food and water options, survival gear and kits, energy, and radio, and more. Furthermore, all of the products are tested for durability and performance.

If you are looking for camping or traveling survival equipment for your next adventure or want to stock up on survival tools and food in case of a natural emergency situation or natural disaster, Survival Frog is a great shop that carries all your prepping needs. Let’s check our Survival Frog review that will definitely interest you.

Benefits & Features

All-in-one Kits: Survival Frog offers top quality, unique all-in-one survival kits that come with everything which you need for survival in one box. These kits included packaged foods, first aid supplies, cooking equipment, emergency tools, waters, flashlights, car kits, warmth and shelter kits, food and water kits, cooking kits, and bags and packs, etc. Moreover, each survival kit contains approximately 72 hours of supply that is enough for a 3-day camping tour.

Wide Range of Food: Survival Frog also offers a wide range of foodstuff such as packaged, food bars, food water kits, cooking, storage, pet food, survival seeds, wise food, and legacy food, survival fresh, all-natural canned meat, unprocessed goods and more. The survival frog also has a wide selection for family use, single-use, and bulk supplies. They offer top brand products to ensure that all items are made with high-quality ingredients.

Long Shelf Life: All products by Survival Frog are specially designed for the long term that you can store without spoiling. For example, canned meats of Survival Frog have over 25 years of shelf life. Survival Frog food products are completely safe and environmentally-friendly because the raw food is processed and sealed without any synthetic or chemical preservatives, which means that it can save for a long time.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Survival Frog offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. They have a generous return policy and also allows the customer to return any products if they do not satisfy within 6 months of buying. If you find the same product on another store at a lower price, notify Survival Frog within 30 days; they will also match any competitor price.

Why Choose Survival Frog

To spreading the educating and survival culture among the people, Survival Frog has dedicated more than 11-years on how to prepare yourself for potential calamities that can strike at any moment. If you look at the statistics graph, you’ll see that unforeseen crime, acts, and social and natural calamities are not something that just happens “far away”; it’s all a vital part of our lives. Earthquakes, financial crashes, hurricanes, power outages, storms, power outages, terrorist attacks, and power struggles are just some of the buzzwords Survival Frog is trying to prepare us for. So, it’s very important when you make a plan for a hiking or camping adventure to make sure you have all the necessary survival equipment.

Survival Frog offers high-quality products will help you cope with the more difficult times and allow you to:

  • Build a high-quality, healthy supply of wholesome food
  • implement an all-out disease-prevention setup
  • Once the grid shuts down, create an efficient source of pure drinking water
  • Make sure you breathe in clean air and avoid air-transmitted disease
  • Resolve illnesses and injuries in the most efficient way possible
  • If you fail to reach your destination due to injury or other obstacles, then assemble temporary shelters.

During the research for this Survival Frog review, we found that the company helps a community that shares its values. They’ve taken part in various charity supported and action caused in 2012. While in the last 2 years, they donated more than $10,000 to, the EIK institute, Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Toys for Tots, and Girl Scouts.  Furthermore, the Survival Frog also donated over $6,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Survival Frog also boosts and encourages their employees to support their charitable organizations. Moreover, the people who work with Survival Frog then the company matches 100% of the donation. The company believes in their community, employees, and the cause that helped to start it all.

Products & Services

Survival Frog offers high-quality survival products of the following categories: survival gear and kits, food and water, energy and radio, education and communications, great gifts, and camping. So, you can purchase Survival Frog products, or you can also browse by individual brand, price, or subcategories. Here’s in the below list, we will provide a brief overview of what you will find in every category at a reasonable price.

Survival Gear and Kits

The Survival Gear is one of the most important survival equipment in that area where it is very difficult to survive. Survival Frog sells top-best quality survival gear and kits that help to save your life in tough circumstances. They offer a wide range of survival items, including sleeping bags, tube tents, lighters, dry bags, warmth and shelter, power sources, knives, waterproof tents, bags and packs, fire starters, personal safety, masks, and more. However, the most popular and widely used product is a sleeping bag called Tact Bivvy 2.0, which is very beneficial in an emergency, and it can reflect 90% of your body heat back to you. This bag has waterproof, tear-resistant, and wind-resistant features that making it great for camping and survival situations. However, the Tact Bivvy 2.0 is portable, compact, and easily fold up, and equipped with a survival whistle.

There are some other Survival Frog branded items which you can also buy a range of products such as:

  • Lighters and Fuel Tabs
  • Knives and axes
  • Solar lights and lanterns
  • Night vision monocular
  • Rechargeable and disposable hand warmers
  • Matches and fire starters
  • Paracord and multifunction tools

Survival Frog products are sold individually. Furthermore, they also offer a selection of kits available for purchase at reasonable priced. Now you can get these below items and save some money by purchasing them as a pack. Check the Survival Frog kits:

  • Mess Kits
  • Pet First Aid Kits
  • Mini Tactical Survival Kits
  • Warmth and Outdoor Shelter Kits
  • Light and Communications Kits
  • Health and First Aid Kits
  • Survival Grab Bags
  • Paracord Kits
  • Disaster Survival Essentials Kits
  • Emergency Food and Water Kits
  • Essential Basics Kits
  • Everything in One Kit

Food & Water

From buckets filled items to canned items with pouches, survival, or emergency food comes in different varieties. Buy food Depending on what kind of food you like; someone can’t travel long distances and pack their bags with a sack of cans. Similarly, if you want to store food for an emergency in your room, it doesn’t mean you store 30 massive buckets in your living room.

The best thing about Survival Frog is that they really offer something interesting for everyone, and they also offer a combination of the brand so that you can pick and buy exactly what you like. Many other sites offer limited products; that’s why when you need something different, then you have to make multiple orders from different companies that are painful and time-consuming. But Survival Frog is a company that offers all necessary survival equipment from food and water to gear and kits. So, it would help if you no looked for further at companies to get your desire products; here, you can get long-term storage buckets at the same place.

When it comes to food, then Survival Frog offers some main brands:

  • Wise Company
  • Survival Cave
  • Legacy
  • Mountain House

These four main brands offer a wide selection of products and flavors, including cooking essentials like milk and pre-made entrees. Furthermore, they also offer calorie-dense nutritional bars that are portable or compact and easy to keep in an emergency kit or backpack and store up to 50-years.

To keep yourself sustained and alive, it’s very important to hydrate yourself. Water is the most important aspect for alive, and accessing safe, clean drinking water is not easy. However, boiling water is very beneficial for health, but if you face lacking heat source, then it becomes impossible. But Survival Frog offers a great solution to this problem; they sell many drinking products that save your lives.

  • Emergency Drinking Water Pouches
  • Katadyn and Lifestraw Personal Water Filters
  • Jugs and Collapsible Water Carriers
  • Drops Water Purification Tablets

Energy & Radio

Survival Frog designed energy and radio for emergency situations as well ass off the grid living or for long-term camping. Most of the power sourced items are rechargeable and solar-powered, giving you access to battery or light power if you need it. The interesting thing is that the Survival Frog keeps prices affordable, and they focus more on the products that people can easily buy in bulky.

As you know, the solar panels’ products are the most expensive because they are all mostly made by Goal Zero. The high-quality and portable solar panel products easily fold up for compact transport, quick to install, and easy to set up. However, other solar panels are made with lithium power station and also provide Wi-Fi access.

Besides the solar panels, they also sales a large range of radios, from heavy-duty models to portable handheld devices. If you want something that able you to charge your phone during camping or want to connect someone with the outside world in case of an emergency. Then Survival Frog energy and radio items will be very helpful for you.

Survival Education and Communications

Besides the survival products, Survival Frog has introduced a number of survival educational programs and tutorials for online sales. These programs contain tricks for surviving, the usual assortment of tips, and strategies in a dangerous situation. The popular books of Survival Frog include the Sold Out After Crisis Guide ($30), Survival Tips Playing Cards ($5), and the EMP Survival Guide and Bonuses.

In a survival situation, most of the time, the communications system may no longer be why Survival Frog offers communications category with a number of features to set up your own communications, including solar energy systems, emergency lighting, and other power.

Great Gifts

The great gifts category of Survival Frog includes the clearance gift ideas, bin, sales items, and other collection of gifts and accessories that you can use as a gift for the survivalist.


The camping products by Survival Frog include many of the same products you would find in other categories, but it’s just labeled under “camping”. For example, there are first aid equipment and camping tools, storage systems, camp shelter, water filtration, camping food, warmth equipment, and hiking camping gear. 


  • Beneficial Rewards Membership & Program
  • Focus on performance and durability
  • Free refunds and accepted refunds up to 6 months
  • Reasonable product priced
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Different brands of food available
  • Expensive product catalog
  • High-quality equipment and tools
  • Offers a wide variety of survival products
  • High-quality products
  • Additional discounts for group or bulk orders
  • Shipping across the US


  • Not Available

Survival Frog Customer Reviews

Survival Frog provides money-back guarantees with amazing buying experience every time when you shop with them. With free shipping for each order over $75 and a 6-month refund warranty for any reason, Survival Frog consistently gets 5-Star reviews.

When it comes to the best customer support and top-quality survival gear in the industry, then Survival Frog provides the most excellent and amazing buying experience of them all. So, before buying any products from Survival Frog, you can also check out the incredible survival reviews, then shop anything online and get some for yourself.

Buyer’s Club & Rewards Program

In this Survival Frog Guide, we are going to discussing the two rewards programs for shoppers of Survival Frog, including paid monthly membership as well as free points system. Now, firstly we talk about the frog points; it is a free option that is available for those who sign up for free right away and purchase something from the website. At frog points, three levels are available, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and each offers progressively better rewards.

To earn more points, customers can refer friends, make a purchase, follow Survival Frog on social media, and write reviews. Get more points means higher your tier level with enjoying many benefits such as offers, coupon codes, member-only discounts for up to 20% off, gifts, and free products. Tiers or levels not only do themselves benefits and rewards offers, but the points you accumulate can then be redeemed for money off your next purchase. So, you can also trade or buy products in our free points and save more money.

The paid membership program by Survival Frog is an exclusive option for buyers’ Club that gives you a better reward and saving on each shopping. The great and big bonuses to being a Buyer’s Club member is that if you purchase items and spend more, than you get free shipping at all times. Once you get free returns, then Survival Frog will pay any costs associated with your shipping.

Another great benefit of becoming a part of the buyer’s Club is that you’ll also get 15% off on each shopping. This amazing offer is automatically applied at checkout and can be combined with coupons and other offers that you may have. Furthermore, with overtime, this discount offer leads to specific savings, and if you buy something frequently, then the membership pays for itself. If you want to join the Buyers Club, then the per month total cost is $9.99 and for annual membership is $99.


Survival Frog offers products at a reasonable price; that’s why it is more popular among the people. However, the prices are different depending on the products that you’re looking for. Meanwhile, once you sign up for a membership in the Buyers Club, then you’ll also get a 15% discount on all items you purchase. You will also get another discount that we mentioned above with free shipping.

Shipping & Returns

The Survival Frog company only ships items to the USA and Canada and offers about 48 contiguous states free shipping to all orders. Orders that are placed for Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska will need to pay for their shipping costs, and you’ll be responsible for any taxes or duties incurred in Canada.

As you know, Survival Frog does not ship their products to Europe, but they do sell some of their items on their European Amazon site. So, you no need to worried about if you are live on outside of the USA or Canada, you can purchase Survival Frog products from the Amazon site. But if you purchase from Amazon, then remember shipping and charges are done via Amazon. 


Survival Frog’s distributed most of the products through their warehouse, but since they do sell products from other brands, then they ensure you the company will fulfill the shipping. That’s why shipping time is not fixed, it may vary, but they will give a tracking number with an order to the customer. If you want fast shipping, then Survival Frog has a personal shipping option with extra cost so the customer can go with it.


Survival Frog also offers a 14 days return warranty. When you receive a product, and then you do not satisfy with your order, then within 14 days, you can return your product. While 14 days a bit short or may seem standard, their return policy state does come with your product that claims that you can return the product up to 6 months from when you purchased, but if you return the product after 6 months, then you are responsible for return shipping cost. Survival Frog has the goal to satisfy their customer; that’s why they do not ask any question for the return policy, and they want their customer to be 100% satisfied with your order. 

Help & Support

For customer support, Survival Frog has several methods, including email, phone, and social media channels. You can also read the About us and survival blog post. If you have any questions, it can generally answer all your questions. Besides, the interesting thing is that Survival Frog has VIP support for their Buyer Club members.


The Survival Frog company sells a wide range of different products that customers are looking for. Most of the customer overlook the review of the individual product that they want to purchase, as this will provide the correct and accurate information relevant to the product. That being said, the company offers an excellent refund policy for the satisfaction of their customer.

Refund Policy

The Survival Frog company is very proud to offer the customer satisfaction refund policy. They provide a facility to their customer; they can return their products within 6-month of the date of purchase, for any reason with a refund guarantee.

During the research, we found that they know sometimes customers hesitate to purchase a product they are interested in, but they worry about if the product won’t actually like that, then they will be stuck with it. In such a situation, shopping with Survival Frog is trustable and easy because they offer a money-back warranty. Survival Frog has a goal their customer to be able to purchase anything, knowing that they will be able to return it in case of dissatisfaction.

For return product, you’ll need to contact the customer service support team of the survival frog through email or phone. Through phone or email, the customer support team will inform you of the return instruction and refund full purchase the product price once the product is returned, handling, and less shipping.

Some products are available on the official site of Survival Frog, which, unfortunately, are not eligible for refund policy. But these products are clearly different and separate when you purchase them.


How Does It Work?

As we talk about above, the Survival Frog after became a successful publisher of survival information and guides; they move on to the distribution of outdoor gear and physical survival through the US and Canada. Whether yourself an expert or a beginner, Survival Frog works very toughly to be a resource for everyone. This company serves all types of organizations and people.

Unlike other survival companies’ delivery services, the Survival Frog is super-efficient and simple. Its working method and structure are more similar to a typical retail store that you’re used to shopping online. Check the below list to know how it works:

  1. Browse the Survival Frog website and then see the survival kits and cool gear available.
  2. Select the products you want to buy and add them to your bag.
  3. Select your payment method and then wait for your survival kits to arrive.

Furthermore, customers can also sign up for a Buyers Club membership for more discounts and offers. At checkout, you can also use Frog Points for shopping. The reward program of Survival Frog is a great way to earn free money to spend in-store easily. Check the below list and know how it works:

  • Sign up for rewards program or buyer club membership
  • Earn 4 to 6 points for every dollar that you spend
  • Refer a friend and get both $10 rewards
  • 3,500 = $30
  • 1,500 = $10 off
  • 2,500 = $20 off
  • 2,000 = Free tact Bivvy sleeping bag
  • 5,000 = Free QuadraPro solar power bank

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Survival Frog?

  • The main mission of Survival Frog to increase online transparency for business and consumers
  • Survival Frog has helped over 100M consumers to make better shopping decisions online.
  • Suspicious reviews are flagged by our moderators, algorithms, and community members

Does Survival Frog offer discounts?

Yes, Survival Frog often offers different discounted prices. They also allow for B2B and bulk sale discounts. Furthermore, various products are available for discounts via bulk shipping. They also give offers and discounts to charities, co-ops, and more. On the bulk orders has a 7-day guarantee for defective or broken products.

What is the VIP buying club?

The VIP buying club is a Survival Frog special member’s program that offers many benefits. As a member of Buyer’s Club, you will get free returns, shipping on all products, even 15% discounts, VIP customer support, and a free product when you join. However, Survival Frog offers monthly and annual membership programs. While monthly membership is more affordable than annual and ideal for those who often need emergency food and gear.

What’s Unique About Survival Frog?

The great thing about the Survival Frog is that it has a premiere online survival store. It’s offers everything that you could imagine and also offers free shipping on up to %50. Whether you are looking for survival gear like multi-tools, emergency lights, ropes, or you want to stock up of survival food; then you can buy canned meats, hundreds of servings of meals in a bucket, and emergency food stock by legacy. In the below list we’ve discussed some other important reason what things make Survival Frog unique than others:

Buyers’ Club

Buyers Club membership is an interesting offer that survival club offers. Once you become a member of the buyer’s Club, then if you make a purchase up to %50, then you will get free shipping. Similarly, members can get 15% discount on all products, even they also get VIP customer support and more.

Savings Guarantee

This is another amazing feature; Survival Frog offers a money-back guarantee, so you no need to worried about survival frog scam or fraud. After becoming a buyer’s club member, you don’t save money; then Survival Frog will give you a store credit for the difference you paid.

Rewards Program

The Survival Frog also offers different rewards program in which you get more survival points and save money. The customer can earn points by referring friends, making a heavy purchase, and taking other actions on and off the website.

Final Verdict

Survival Frog is a great survival company that offers various products for emergency hikers, campers, backpackers, preppers, off-grid survivalists, and more. In this Survival Frog review guide, we’ve discussed all the survival Frog; it is a reliable and honest company where you can buy anything without any worries of Survival Frog scam or fraud. All product pricing of Survival Frog is extremely affordable and reasonable, which everyone can easily purchase.

“If you want to get real results, you should consider this….” So that is our marketing strategy where the buyer/reader has nothing to lose. If they purchase it, even if they do not like it, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. So, there is no risk to you; you have a 6-month 100% money-back, so it will cost you literally nothing to purchase this item.

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