How to Add and Rearrange Apps in Apple TV

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Written by James Smith


Have you ever had issues rearranging or adding your frequently used or favourite apps in order of preference to the home screen of your Apple TV?

Then here are a few simple and basic methods for accomplishing this without difficulty.

Action 1: Install or Reinstall Apps from Apple Store

This is a relatively simple and easy task after the successful setting of your Apple TV.

This might take a few minutes of your time, and even a small child can easily do this step.

First, go to the Apple Store on your Apple TV; you could either discover the app that you want to install from the search option, or you can easily dictate the name using the voice search option.

When you find the app you are looking for, click on it and go to the app details and find the option to install it.

You can also find the app you are looking for from the purchased option, which shows all the apps that were currently or previously installed on the device.

You can then easily reinstall an app using the same method.

After download, on your home screen, the app will display ready to access.

This is a very simple and easy way to install or reinstall any application on your Apple TV.

Action 2: Rearrange Apps on Apple TV Home screen

This, too, is a very simple task and only needs a few minutes to complete.

By rearranging apps, you can easily navigate and find the most frequently used apps.

This saves your time while searching for apps and games.

First, you must select the app you wish to change position and press the centre control button.

This makes the selected app jiggle. Then you could quickly move and place it where you desire.

You can even create a folder by placing it above another app.

This is yet another simple and easy method and is very helpful in rearranging apps according to your wish.


So these are some of the simple ways through which you can easily rearrange the position of your apps on your Apple TV home screen and also install or reinstall any apps from the Apple Store that you wish to have on your Apple TV.

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